We offer an array of styles, colors and sizes through Quick-Step and Shaw laminates. Laminate is an excellent substitution to hardwood and tile if you are looking for a more affordable price. With the high quality graphic imaging available today, you can get a floor that has a great natural look without paying the hardwood or tile price. Laminate tends to be more durable and scratch resistant than most hardwoods. It is also an easy to clean product with low maintenance.


Shaw LVT – LVT (luxurious vinyl tile or plank) is also a great option for a quality product with a more affordable price than hardwood and tile. LVT tends to have a better moisture resistance than laminates. In high humidity areas, it is recommended to use a LVT product rather than a laminate. LVT can also have high quality imaging to help the product have more realism. Shaw now offers a LVT called Floorte. Floorte is 100% waterproof. It can be completely submerged in water and show no wear or warping. The moisture resistance in LVT is superior to most products, making it a great choice for areas with high humidity and moisture issues.

Differences between LVT and Laminate – One of the main differences is the cost. Laminate is typically cheaper than LVT. One of the main reasons is that LVT is superior in moisture resistance. Laminate can absorb moisture more easily than a LVT product can. Moisture tends to be one of the main reasons laminate being damaged. LVT products are typically more durable than laminate as well. The increased durability allows LVT to also have better warranties. Both products are still a great substitute to hardwood if cost is an issue.

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